Welcome to Tiny Town Travels.

We invite you to join us as we journey to tiny towns across North America and reveal the unmistakable characteristics that make each location deserving of a spot on your list of destinations to explore this year.

Tiny towns bring a unique flavor to a world that can often feel like it's being manufactured in a warehouse and differentiated only by the welcome sign as you arrive.

Whether part of a longer vacation or just looking to bip out for a day-trip, we're looking forward to introducing you to the sights, activities, and locals who can't wait to share the inside scoop on why you should swing by for a visit.

Our scope is simple. Bringing together local voices and fun facts, we hope to inspire you to burst out of the everyday bubble and explore the wondrous offerings of tiny towns near and far. Toe-curling historical legends, stunning vistas, delectable seasonal produce, and colorful locals with arms wide open awaits.

Join us as we visit destinations with a population of 10,000 people or less, Listen, enjoy, and share the tales of Tiny Town Travels.

Have a favorite tiny town you'd like to have us feature?  Send email to themayor@tinytowntravels.com.